I'm a software developer in Atlanta, Georgia. I write (mostly) Python at Monetate. Before becoming a developer I earned a Ph.D. in philosophy (my research was, quite literally, on ‘stuff’). You can find my code on Github if you care about such things. And you can reach me at

Charlie Tanksley


My projects

Know an nerd (
A directory of people at Big Nerd Ranch. The goal of the site was to make it really fast and easy to discretly pull out your phone and check to see if you actually know the name of the person you just passed in the hallway. Built with Sinatra and Angular.js. Source at
Vacation me
A tool built to answer a single question: who at Big Nerd Ranch is on vacation today? I found the extant methods for answering this question too cumbersome, so I built an app that makes it easy. Built with Scala and the Play Framework. Source at
Naughty or Nice? (
How naughty are your tweets? This app (built to explore Python and Can.js) looks at up to 200 of your most recent tweets and tells you what percent of those use ‘profanity’. Built using Python (Flask) and JavaScript (Can.js). Uses the build tool Lineman for frontend development.. Source for the backend at; source for the frontend at
Current Story (link)
An emacs plugin for inserting the current story number into a buffer (presumably a git commit message). Written in Emacs lisp. Source at
X is a Y (
A dead-simple random pairing application built to enable a friend (a poet) to write Importance/Unimportance List. Built using Sinatra. Source at

OSS Contributions

Vim Vroom
Vim Vroom is a test runner for ruby tests/specs in Vim. I rewrote a large portion of the plugin to try and make it more flexible/extensible. Written in VimL. Source at